Participating in National and International Consortiums

Developing our platforms and strengthening partnerships

Business expansion

In its inception, VoiceInteraction began as an academic Research Department Spin-off. Throughout the years, the company has benefited from Business development projects for its Global expansion and development.

Research Projects

Past and current Research Projects have granted us access to valuable data necessary to create and refine language models, presented issues that turned into useful new features and even the creation of new products altogether.
Our R&D commitment
Aligned with our core focus in innovation
Product Development
Creating new products with distinct features
Business Expansion
Establishing global partnerships with companies and research centers

Current and Past Projects

Strengthening our competitive capacity



This project seeks to stimulate the Tourism Industry through immersive and interactive experiences, powered by augmented reality technology and AI-based speech interaction.

HOUDINI details
Q2 2022

Qualification/Certification Project


The Qualification Project aims to prepare the company for the transformation of its business model, intensifying its internationalization, diversifying geographic markets, market segments and customers, focusing more on digitalization, e-commerce and Industry4.0.

Certification details
Q1 2023

AIDA Project


The AIDA Project aims to create a platform for compiling, processing and visualize data in order to automate the investigation work of law enforcement entities in the participating states in the fight against cybercrime and terrorism.

AIDA details
Q1 2023

VI's Internationalization


With this project, VoiceInteraction intends to strengthen its internal framework for the competitive capacity necessary for internationalization, in order to ensure its continuous growth across borders.

INT. details
Q2 2021



The QuickSpeech project aims to create a new research hub within VoiceInteraction that will aim to research and develop new models, algorithms and/or software architectures to optimize our language models’ processing.

Q2 2019



The main goal of this project is to automate transcriptions of interrogations and depositions for the purpose of maximizing resources and reducing the current burden and time spent in manual transcription procedures from scratch.

Q3 2017



This project aims to create an integrated platform where the contents of intercepted calls are automatically transcribed (using automatic speech recognition technology) and segmented according to the speaker.

Q3 2019



The AGATHA consortium aims to develop a system for assisting criminal investigation police and intelligence services to facilitate the compilation of evidence of criminal practices by using the information available in open sources, analyzing them automatically.

AGATHA details
Q2 2011



The CAPER project aims to prevent organized crime through the creation of a common platform that facilitates sharing, exploring and analyzing publicly accessible information, as well as from private repositories.

Q3 2012



The SAVAS project collected textual and audiovisual resources produced in six European languages (Spanish, Basque, Portuguese, Italian, French and German). The resulting repositories will be annotated at various levels (including spelling).

Q4 2008

QREN 2525


The Dialogue Management System will allow, in broad terms, to establish a natural conversation between a user/client/consumer and a given entity, without the intervention of a human operator.

Q1 2009

QREN 5108


This project is integrated in the distribution and filtering of semantic information associated with multimedia contents. Both nationally and internationally there are excellent prospects for the exploitation of this type of product.

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